Gamer's Manual: Maze of Choices

Название: Gamer's Manual: Maze of Choices
Статус: Заморожено
Размер: 249 кб
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Последнее обновление: 26 марта 2016 в 21:00
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1 июля 2016 в 00:00 | Произведение добавлено в базу
Gods, demigods, spirits, ghosts, angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, cyborgs, zombies, dragons and elves of all kinds. What do creatures like that have in common? They are all mythical creatures. Our would-be hero killed such creatures by dozens... In games. Now he finds himself in the world where everything feels real, but at the same time seems like a game. Even death just brings him back to the first day. Escaping this endless loop of massacre would seem like a matter of time, but with mind-readers and seers thrown in, things won't be so simple. Even a permanent death is not out of the question. Let us follow him as he is trying to navigate this deadly maze of choices!

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